India Victoria overprinted stationery

Suggested retail value, anyone? I hate to ask a dime only to find out later it was worth 11 cents. And while you're at it, year of issue, please. Thanks.



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  • This is Higgins & Gage 1895 Military issue # IB2 (eye B2). H&G 1991 value was $7.50 for a complete mint envelope and $30 for a complete used envelope. Your example is neither, and cut-squares are not priced, nor to my knowledge
    collected except in the US. Foreign stationery catalogs do not price cut squares.
  • Many thanks, William. Sorry my repsonse is a few days late.
  • There's a small niche of folks that collect cut squares across 'The Pond.' Years ago I bought an 1899 Schaubeck Album made just for them, while I was living in London. I ended up stripping it down and transferring the cut squares into Stanley Gibbons Tower Albums, but kept the Schaubeck album as its a great reference for these items, along with my Higgins & Gage. I don't think we can completely discount collectors of cut squares outside the U.S.

  • Yes, agree with you 100% there George!
  • what an absolutely beautiful album
  • They don't make'em like they used to...
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