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  • I never do that anyway. When I lived in New Orleans long time ago someone would lite the mail on fire in the box.
  • I have not used a mail drop box for years.
  • I consider myself lucky. We have two post offices about two miles from home. In the 46 years we've lived here, I have never left mail in our home mailbox for the carrier to pick up. On rare occasions, I have left mail in a couple of blue boxes that are located next to business entrances at strip malls. Otherwise, I take my sales items to a post office where I usually go inside to mail them. Once in a while, in inclement weather or when there is no parking available, I'll drop low value items in the drive-by boxes at the post offices. In addition, I can run other routine errands at businesses near these post offices, making the travel more cost-effective.

  • Happened at my post office too. Some people are just scum.
  • When I was a kid, one of my delinquent friends put a snowball in a mailbox.
    We got in a lot of trouble.
    Back in the days when it was normal to be disciplined by some neighborhood lady,
    then disciplined a second time when she drug you home and told your mother.
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    Yep. Back in 1979 I caught a kid about 9 years old taking a Sharpie to my brand new Camaro. I yanked his butt up to my apartment, and ordered him to sit on the couch until his mother got home. When she got home, I marched him to his apartment. As I left to return to my apartment, I heard the leather signing out with that boy singing along.
  • I live in a 8 Unit building and due to thefts in our mail room I personally Installed Cameras now all mail thefts have stoped before we did this many neighbors have had well over $5,000 Stolen from scum bags what is worst is when it is Full grown Adults, 1 of my neighbors even caught another neighbor red handed with another tenants Package and funny thing is he's a Police Officer he was not happy because it was a weight set worth $350 and the tenant who stole it is a former boxer long story short dose anything ever get done no you have to place matters into your own hands to get shit done! Lost faith in most humans specially since Covid they got more stupid n lazy! Lmfao!
  • Brett. Ça va?
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