U.S. Forever Stamps- 50% off????????????

I'm always looking for discounted U.S. postage to help offset mailing costs. I try to find higher denominations to make it easier, so my interest was aroused when an ad floated across the bottom of my computer screen offering 50% off U.S. Forever stamps. I took the bait and clicked....and there they were. Recent issues (2020-2022) at 1/2 price in sheetlets and rolls just as issued by USPS. Wow!!! I was ready to go until the old mantra rose up in my brain- "If it sounds to good to be true....". I decided to check reviews on the company and come to find out the only comments were negative- the stamps were counterfeits and the company was overseas. To see the offerings you can go to: uspostageshop.com Maybe since the company is overseas (Germany I think) the USPS can't do anything about it but I would sure think they would do everything in their power to shut this down.


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  • I use to buy forever stamps on eBay. Can't anymore, most of them are fakes. Ebay doesn't care, apparently the US post office doesn't care. It's become a joke. The amount of money lost by the post office has got to be substantial.
  • There are tons of them out there. USPS does care (A number of recent articles written on the subject) but is mostly hamstrung because of jurisdiction.
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    From what I heard, usps goes after the name on the envelope when they find the counterfeits in the system. Not their fault for selling. Your fault for using.
  • There is that too.
  • Yes, easily available -- all Fake of course. The IPDA did a short piece on this in the September 2021 Newsletter.

    I wonder what you would find here if you did a search on "forever roll" across all stores? just thinking out loud :-) possible the same as you would get from an Alibaba search :-)

    oh and yes it was reported here in April you probably remember the thread.... WTH is Wrong With Some People.... Nothing changes does it.
  • No, it is certainly "your fault for buying." I wish USPS could just throw the book at the buyers that use counterfeit stamps and gain some serious media coverage. "But I didn't know." My fat white kazakis. Quit whining, you ain't that stupid.

    The real problem is that there is just no return in it. How much does it cost to investigate and charge someone with a $50 roll of fake stamps? The mailman is going to drive by your box tomorrow anyway, even if you don't have any mail. And there is much more real contraband to be found in the mailstream.
  • I imagine if you were able to "weed out" all the ways the USPS is screwed out of postage & handling fees (counterfeit stamps, re-use of postage stamps, claims that are fraudulent etc.) they may be able to break even instead of losing millions every year. The most blatant misuse I've seen was by an E-bay seller on the west coast who used a mixture of U.S. stamps and U.N. stamps (NY issues) for postage. I don't think the UN has an issuing office in San Diego!!!!!
  • This is a well-known scam these stamps are counterfeit and anyone using them is subject to fines or imprisonment. Shame on Facebook for carrying ads from known criminals.
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