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  • I suspected that. Otherwise, why would it be Due 3? It probably had no stamp, and would have been cool like that.
    Maybe I should remove the stamp?
  • Up to you, but probably a more sensible cover that way...
  • I agree with Scott that it looks altered, I thought "why the postage due?" unless it was a stampless cover initially, plus the incongruent cancel. Maybe some kid was playing with it in the 1930's and thought it would be "cooler" with a stamp. But agree, it's an obvious alteration. I personally would not alter it, but consider using it as an example to help teach folks what to look for.
  • And these were in the mail when I showed the later redos. French Polynesia 182-90 from 1958, postally used.which is really neat.

  • 0723220303

    Another recent mailing, with one of, or four of my favorite.

    4×13+8=60 cents

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    Always like the beautiful engraving on these stamps. Monaco Scott B94 - 1947 Prince Louis II Souvenir Sheetacb10f218fecbfb6ca68944fa9fa5a89
  • Thanks for the input and observations.
  • Sometimes a stamp just grabs you. Ceylon 274, 1935.
  • That is a beauty Phil. I should look for more of those when I'm in Colombo next.
  • This was an interesting dude for sure. Romania Scott C71 MNHOG - 1959 Vlad the Impaler Air Post

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    Vlad Tepes! The little Dragon, hero of the border marches!
  • Is St. Lucius holding the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch????? Sure kind of looks like it!!!!

    Liechtenstein Scott 1099 MNHOG - 1997 Gabriel Dreher Painting

  • Holy hand-grenades, Batman. You're right.
  • One.....two..........four!!!!!!
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    Yeah more imperfs. But this time, WITH AIRPLANES!!!!
    FSAT C124 from 1993, marking the opening of an airfield in Adelie Land. I think that is a Lockheed C130 Hercules, a workhorse of the Antarctic and everywhere else. The Herkybird has been in production since 1954 with lots of upgrades and variants. It is about as perfect as an airframe can get for what it does

    Monaco C64 from 1964. That is a Convair B58 Hustler. For those of you that missed the First Cold War, the Hustler was one badass mojo aircraft. In service 1960-1970, sustained mach 2 flight, and with the pedal down it could climb 46,000 feet in one minute. Let's try that again: wheels up to an altitude of 7 miles in one minute. This stamp is part of a set, but it commemorates a record setting flight in 1961, New York-Paris in 3 hours, 19 minutes, 41 seconds. Hua!
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  • f3811023737912b138a565c6c6b156f8-800
    Pre Cancels from Tunisia. Elegant.
    A new purchase.
  • Those look familiar.....
  • More nice engraved stamps from Monaco....Monaco Scott C53-C54 1959 Prince Ranier III/Princess Grace1f0c0bb6e62ec9a29f63bd6afcb70c75
  • Hey, that looks like my Grandmother!
  • Wow! She earned a lot of medals !
  • "Things are tough all over" - Cheech and Chong

  • Ireland 246-47,1968.
    Constance Georgine Gore-Booth, Countess Markievicz. 1868-1927. Artist, suffragette, politician, patriot.
    Hero of the Easter Rebellion, first female Member of Parliment, first female member of a European cabinate, imprisoned as a supporter of the IRA during the Irish Civil War. She led a very complicated life and I encourage you to read more.

  • Today's arrival headed for the fancy cancel collection...
  • Nice. Very, very nice.
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    Some recent acquisitions.
    FSAT 193 from 1993 showing the MV L'Astrolabe, an icebreaker used by the French to supply the Dumont d'Urville station. The French acquired the ship in 1988. This stamp commemorates L'Astrolabe's voyage through the Arctic Northwest Passage in 1992. The ship was replaced by a new L'Astrolabe in 2016. She is now operated as a hosiptal/relief ship by a charity group, Youth With A Mission, and is registered as Ywam Liberty.
    Well, that took a minute. I'll put up more tomorrow. G'night.
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    Love the FSAT stuff. One of my collecting specialties. Here's a new one. Evidently, the German Postal Service in 1936 was funding the jackpot for a horse race by selling this souvenir sheet. Creative way to raise revenue I would say.

  • Those 1930s German sheets always scared me. The paper is so thin that I hardly trusted myself to store them safely.

    And I'm never so gaga about collecting Germany as many of us seem. I do enjoy collecting the immediate postwar period, 1945-60, and here are a couple of Berliners I got recently.

    Berlin 9N63 of 1949, the top value from the set of three for the bicentenary of Goethe's birth. Properly used, I hope.
    Berlin 9N68, 1950, publicizing the European Recovery Plan, mnh.
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    And this is the cat's meow. I have wanted this full set ever since I got the first five in approvals from H.E.Harris back in the early 1970s. Hungary C236-47, 5th Congress of Postal Ministers of Communist Countries, 1963, imperf, mnh. Hua.
    Sorry for the glare. It's late and I was scurrying to get done.
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