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It would be great if in the Store Stats charts, the rolling dates are 13 months instead of 12. It would easily allow comparing month over month across a year. Instead when the next "month" comes up, the same month from the previous year drops off, so your "stats" only shows 12 months and not the same month compared to the previous year.


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  • Scott: I had requested the 13 month time frame when the stats charts first came out but the request was ignored. It should of been a quick and easy enhancement to the usefulness of the chart
  • Well, hopefully timing is right this time, and we can get 13 months. :)
  • Yes that would be nice. eBay if I remember correctly goes back over a year.
  • Mwah!!! I do it myself. That's why God created Excel and Access. Download the .csv file from HS and analyze the data however you want.
  • No, Greg. God created Lotus 1-2-3. Bill Gates took one of its columns and created Excel.
  • Technically VisiCalc was created by God in 1979, and everyone else cloned that...
    Multiplan from Microsoft followed after in 1982. Lotus didn't come until 1983. Excel didn't immerge until 1985. Quattro came in 1988 from Borland, with the Italian word "Quattro" meaning 4, being 1 step ahead of 1-2-3.

    But I digress...
    Yes, I know I can do all this downloading and maintaining of spreadsheets, but that's not the point here, we pay for a service (which has recently been increased), so how about showing something for our increase, and make this very simple change???
  • argghh nostalgia - from the history books of cousre hahahahahahahaha
  • Oh, and I left out 1984, when Enable was released...
  • We used to have a 2 year screen showing sales by dollar value and number of items sold. This 2013-2014 chart shows the impact of the SG debacle on our sales

  • Ah yes, green screen. Those were the days.
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