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I am struggling with the id on this one Is this 105 or 106? It is perf 10105-2


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  • Here is my issue with this ID. My Scott catalog (2017) says that 105 is Engraving type III. And it also says that the "T" of posta is over the right arm of the V. All of the ones I see (except one) on Hipstamp have the T over the left arm of the V. Can anyone help me with this one?
  • It's not those.

    I believe it's #131 (deep red)..With the pronounced grid work in the numeral and value panels, that makes me go to #131.

    #130 and #131 are unwatermarked. All other versions of Types A10 (#105 and 106) and A15 are watermarked
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    Thank you, Michael. It has no watermark. Would you be willing to comment on the Hipstamp listings of 105 and 106?? Thank you
  • Let me clarify one thing. #130 is Type A10, but is unwatermarked.

    The leaves on the sides are pointing outward on Type A15 (like your stamp). On Type A10, the leaves point straight up.
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    Wayne, here are #105 (left) and #106 (right). Despite the difference in font sizes, you can see how the T sits on the left and right arms of the V.
  • Completely different typeface too.
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    Thank you both. Great help to these old eyes and the mind is quite far gone. Michael, given your picture of 105 would you agree that the ones on Hipstamp are misdentified?
  • I didn't look at any listings.
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