I just tested positive for Covid even though I have had all of the shots. I have put my store on Vacation mode until the end of my quarantine period.


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  • Take care, Richard.
  • Quick recovery, Richard.

    The vaccine is not a preventative. It is designed to minimize the effects of the virus if one catches it, to avoid the need to go to the hospital.
  • Speedy recovery, Richard.
  • Hi Richard, Hope you recover quickly
  • Greatful to watch Covid up close and see it devolving towards a less serious outcome for the vast majority. In other words, it's doing what most viruses do in time as the viral biome changes. Rest and recover. When I had my turn in isolation, I made some BIG personal decisions. It was a good time for reflection.
  • Thanks Luree. I decided not to go on Vacation mode. I will let buyers know that I an't mail anything before my quarantine ends.
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    Thanks for the orders and well wishes that I received during my recovery., I would also like to mention that I hit the 50,000 Feedback mark during my recovery.
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