My Scott catalogues make no reference to Redonda, even in the index. Are they cinderellas?


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  • Sorta-kinda, yeah.
    Redonda is a rugged, uninhabited "dependancy" of Antigua. The stamps were valid in Antigua, but there's nothing on Redonda, just a stone hut and lots of guano. Kinda hard to call a roofless stone hut a post office. Scott and Gibbons decided not to list or value the stamps. Why is this different from the South Shetland Islands? I don't know....
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    Hi Doug. Here's a note from Scott, in the 2017 edition.

    I read, once, that there were plans to develop this island, which never materialized. The island is barely larger than my kitchen, and remains uninhabited today.
  • Thanks, guys.
  • Gibbons does list Redonda.
  • So does Michel.

    Scott also published a specialty album for Redonda in 1980.
  • If the Redonda-inscribed stamps were valid for postage use in Antigua, they were valid postage stamps as they could be used for postage. What is printed on them is not relevant as long as they are valid for postage. British stamps have not country of origin printed on them but are still accepted as postage stamps and listed in all the catalogs, so there is no logical consistency in what is listed.

    I did a quick Google search and came up with the following link stating the legitimacy of Redonda stamps for postage in Antigua. Not sure how to post internet links on this board, but if you highlight the following and right-clink on link and click on the "Go to ..." request, the Stamporama discussion will open. Interesting that Stamporama discussions are searchable through Google.

    Scott is very inconsistent with its decision making in what to list in their catalogs. They ignored Barbuda for a long time but finally did list those issues. They continue to list Australian Antarctic Territory and other such territories that are nothing but money-generators through stamp sales. Those Australian Antarctic Territory stamps are valid for use in Australia itself. I would guess that any "used" stamps from there were either from Australian mail or from stamps removed from first day covers.

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