A Picture is Worth either A Thousand Words, or Just Two



  • Ah, got it. Halloween! Orange stamps for Halloween. This guy even shot the backs in orange.
  • That is probably it. It all makes sense now. They are the unique Swiss "Pumpkins". ex Caspary, ex Merrill, ex British Royal Collection. I think if I remember correctly, they were traded, I think, by William Robey for the C3a sheet back in the day. And I know for a fact that they once resided in the world class collection of the famed philatelist Philo T. Elic of Donald Duck "The Gilded Man" fame. :smiley: :smiley:
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    Well, there is a bumper crop of ugly stamps up for auction tonigh. Forgive me, but here are some "highlights."
    The block was just a lousy photo. There's no reason for it. The other stamps are, in my opinion, kindling. I wouldn't give them away to a child or a charity. The seller of the last stamp had the gonads to call it "xF." Yet there they are, priced right and up for auction. All of these were in the $1-2 range.
    There is a topic elsewhere regarding foxing and toning. If the colors of these are close to reality, I would call them foxbit.
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    I don't even have words for this.

  • Is that the "Buy It Now!!!!" Price? Whaddabargain!!!!!

    Bentley had one of these stuck to his nose the other day. Haven't seen it since.
  • Considering the Shermangle perforations...the price seems...fair...
  • Hahahaha!! I was thinking the same thing but you came up big! Schermangle perfs!!!!
  • This is indeed rare, nah, unique. The only known example of the Shermack Type LVIII - Shermangled perf. It is distinctively identified by the spurious Brinkerhoff perf at lower right, having been sent back in time, first perfed by Brinkerhoff on a failed experiment (they discovered you couldn't Autovend a stamp with only a single perforation on it), and the coil waste was purchased by Shermack in a deal arranged by the Chinese who were able to source it for 1/10th the cost of regular postage of the time.
    My new book has an entire section dedicated to the history and production of this issue.

    Note: In the interest of full disclosure, I may have been under the influence of (multiple high percentage of C2H5OH) liquids while writing this assessment.
  • That stamp is rare, it's from the Titanic you know.
  • eBay has been known for years that some people put up absolute garbage and this is just one example.
    Another reason I left after 22 years.
  • I know about a guy who sold his worn-out shoelaces (the blue ones) on FleaBay for $5.96. 27 bidders. Incredible! I think I'll start a FleaBay store called Bentley's Used Shoelaces. I'll be rich I tell you! RICH! Mwhahahahaha!!!!!!
  • In fairness at least he wasn't asking an astronomical price. I mean $9 is clearly way too much for a $0 value stamp, but I've seen far worse in the "Rare, Vintage Stamp" category where they're asking $10k, $25k, $moreK.
    So $9... he's not trying to fleece anyone... just get some unsuspecting fool to pay him $9 for it.
  • Have to admit, I had the same thoughts reflecting the question “ why $9? Makes me think uninformed but not ill-intentioned.
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