Austrian 2021 Year Set

Our friend Scott Payton recently spent some time in Vienna and sent this wonderful momento. I opened it Wednesday morning as my special birthday treat, and thank you so much, Scott.

So here is the Austrian 2021 Year Set. It is presented in a tri-fold heavy gauge plastic holder with quality stock sheets and a guide in German and English. USPS has a very long way to go to even come close.

I don't have a working scanner yet, so I used my trusty-rusty phone. Forgive the glare.

The Dominic Thiem stamp is made of tennis ball felt. The embroidered mask stamp is from FFP2 mask material. The winter mitten is of canvas. Again, Scott, your generosity is wonderful. Thank you very much.


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  • Happy (belated) Birthday Phil !! I wish you a very good year... Dan
  • Thank you, Dan. And at my age, they are all belated...
  • Ditto from me, with many happy returns !
    (and, way cool gift, there, Scottie Boy!)
  • I had several options for year sets, back to about 2000, but I just LOVED the mitten stamp. That is crazy. I'm not even going to try to guess how you check the perf on this one. :)
  • Mittens for Kittens!!!!
  • Perf 5. Ok, maybe perf 4, it depends...
  • Rough at best!!! Stitch Perfed?
  • Die cut. Or maybe cut and dyed...?
  • Has anyone ever seen any of Austria's unusual stamps (made of the weirdest materials) used on cover? I have sorted through a fair amount of Austria kiloware and never came across one of the stamps made out of one of these unusual materials.

    I do have a NH copy of the souvenir sheet issued in 2004 honoring Swarovski Crystal, with six crystals affixed to each of the two stamps in the sheet. Impossible to mount in an album in NH condition without the crystals tearing up the clear font cover of a typical stamp mount. I am sure that they will eventually cause problems with the album page in front as the crystals will punch through the paper.

    From looking through my Scott catalog, Austria started issuing more unusual material stamps in 2005 with an embroidered stamp. In 2008 a stamp was issued that was made of soccer ball polyurethane. Another embroidered stamp was issued in 2009. Embroidery was affixed to a paper stamp in 2010. A porcelain tile stamp was issued in 2014 (bet that would do a number on the automatic stamp sorting equipment). A stamp consisting of leather with glass crystals affixed was issued in 2015. Another embroidered stamp was issued in 2016. A wood veneer stamp was issued in 2017. Another embroidered stamp was issued in 2018. And that is a far as my Scott catalog goes. All were self-adhesive stamps.
  • I've heard of all these but never seen any until now. And yes, they would certainly be used only for "non-machinable" mail. I think the Austrian stamp program is schizophrenic, because the other stamps all seem iminantly conservative and in good taste.
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    2006 saw a stamp with meteor dust embedded in it.
    2018 this Tyrolean hat.
    2016 a glass tile.
  • Even Austria’s standard lick ‘n sticks are subject to non-standard designs.
  • Ain't nothing non-standard about a cat with a crown!
  • Unless its Bentley...
  • Bentley (asleep as ususal) and the Princesses (Bear and Tiger)20221106_102401
  • Its good to be king...
  • Got this one in a kiloware mixture. One part of a four-part stamp design cut out like pieces from a puzzle.


    Below is the initial release of this issue. Later it was overprinted with a new value. Rather than just overprinting the value on this stamp with a bar and printing the new value on the stamp, the old value was overprinted with the head of a cow. And the cow itself was given an overprint of stripes that made it look like a zebra. A set of eight definitive stamps that were issued a few years before were all overprinted in just as imaginative ways. Wish I had copies of the overprints, but I don't. Check out Scott #1979-1986, they are all pictured in the catalog.


    You can scare the kids with this one.


    I don't know what it is, but I find this one unsettling.


    Austria was one of the counties that I collected when I first started specializing with a few counties. They stamps were produced so well. The engraved stamps, of which there were many, were just beautiful. They put the USPS stamp production from the 1970's and 1980's to absolute shame.
  • I, umm, ah. Well, I have most of that set of overprints, I think, I'll, umm, I will try to ....Hey, could we turn that last image off? I was just about to go to bed.
  • It's a walking post box, what's so weird about that? Clearly, you've never been to Austria...
  • Somehow that reminds me of an old BOAC joke. The British pilot lands at Frankfort in the 1960s. Tower says, "Speedbird 6-3, proceed to terminal 2."
    "Tower, which is terminal 2?"
    "Have you never been to Frankfort, sir?"
    "I have, but it was dark and we couldn't stay long."
  • Did someone in Austria Post actually say, “You know, registration labels don’t get enough love. Let’s honor them on a stamp.”
  • I love registration labels.
    Interesting that the Austrians seem to be the ones to recognize them. :)
  • Complete s/s (Scott 1966) with Swarovski crystals in the large gem and swan on cover and 1/2 of a s/s along with the 375c Fireworks stamp with glass beads affixed, Scott 2060a.U000
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