Credit Cards and Store Fees

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  • I just used a credit card for the first time on this site for my fees. I usally use my bank account or PayPal for my other sites. But right after using my credit card on this site, my bank contacted me over $2000.00 in charges. I didn't lose, my bank did. But that vCard was only used on this site. Be careful, a lot of thieving mormans
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    Mark - I'm sorry to hear about the issue you've had with your credit card recently. You can however rest assured that this would not in any way have been related to having used your credit card to pay fees on HipStamp.

    We adhere strictly to all PCI Compliant policies, and use the highest grade of available encryption where applicable. Credit Card information is stored directly in a secured vault managed for us by BrainTree Payments - and no credit card information is stored on our own servers. Neither our payment processor, or ourselves, have had any security issues which would have compromised any of your information with us.
  • Active Account Mode $0.45 Debit Basic Store until 12/20/2016 , WHY is it that I have a debit on my account when I only paid $5 just over a week ago and today was the first sales since then ?
  • Hi Derek,

    A Basic Store Subscription is $5/month.

    In addition to having your account balance paid via Credit Card (Automatically), you can also add credit to your account via PayPal at any time ($5 minimum). It looks like your account balance was $4.47 last week when you then added $5.00 - so you then had a credit of $0.53.

    The last item you sold result in a transaction fee of $0.98, so you now have a balance of $0.53. So everything is in order. If you have any further questions about your account specifically, please reach out to us via the Contact Us form in the footer of any page.
  • Mark, thank you for the update, just seemed like I was paying $5 every couple of weeks, but obviously the previous $5 paid the account up to date with it just in the plus, will keep a check on it , thanks again but would be far more beneficial to deduct the commission at the same time as the monthly charge to simplify things, cheers derek
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