FireFox / NoScript Issue with Contact Us Form

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I need to report a non-payment on a purchase from several weeks ago. I clicked on Contact Us at bottom of page. I am directed to Hipcommerce submit a ticket page. I cannot submit a ticket because at the bottom, where I am to enter the capcha text in the image shown, there is no image, just a broken image placeholder. Also, the only place to enter text explaining problem is labele 'Resoulution'. Am I supposed to state the problem there. Whatever, unable to enter capcha text, I cannot even submit the ticket. I am using FireFox, fully up to date, with NoScript, but trusting all URLs on Hip*. I just opened the same page using Chrome, and the Decscription block and capcha are visible. Just FYI, page is not working for FireFox users.


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  • Try it again . . . it worked fine for me ( SAFARI rules!!)

    Screen Shot 2017-10-15 at 8.07.44 AM
  • FWIW, it worked in Chrome browser. I submitted tickets for change for both HipStamp and HipComic. I have long been a proponent and user of FireFox for the security it provides, especially using NoScript AddOn. But they have made a number of move lately that are so severely affecting usability for faux security that lately I have contemplated just switching to Chrome.
  • Ronald,

    It's probably the NoScript AddOn that caused the issue. Our support site is hosted on - did you add an exclusion for this site as well? Alternatively, had you tried turning it off temporarily?
  • Mark,

    This incident has led me to discover an issue with NoScript, which I will email to the developer. FireFox has added so many icons crammed on the upper bar to right of the address space and to left of their menu bar, that the NoScript icon has no where to appear, and even though I had it set to show at bottom, but it did not. I just assumed I had trusted the site since I did not see the NoScript icon. The HipCommerce URL once trusted allow all to display.

    I am seriously debating giving up on FireFox, despite feeling secure because NoScript allows me to hit a site and choose to trust part or all BEFORE it is too late. But after today, I did a little research, and have decided that Chrome's sandboxing design may just be safer than FireFox AddOns. Will have to give it some thought.

    Thanks for following up. I should have caught that myself, but I imagine I had done a reinstall since last time I hit the HipCommerce URL. Assumptions. You know the drill.
  • Its Firefox I cannot put scans on ebay (probably saved me money lol) but can put them on with Chrome.Firefox updates are a major pain.
  • FInal followup. I contacted NoScript developer, he was indeed having an issue with disappearing icon for NoScript on top bar and bottom bar, and is working on it.
  • Ronald
    Uninstalling, then reinstalling NoScript worked for me.
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