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  • Thanks everyone! My stamp collection I’m selling included some stuff from albums but most of the stamps were actually just loose in a shoe box. My guess is the shoebox was just someone’s low value rejects which would explain why it includes a damag…
  • Thank you so much for checking! I will definitely bookmark these resources
  • Thanks for the year! Are there no catalog numbers for this stamp? I’m super curious on value too. I know it won’t be worth much. Nothing in this collection is so far.
  • Out of curiosity, and I don’t mean this in an obnoxious way at all, I just am interested in opinions, what if the cert came back valuing the stamp way higher? You purchased it for ~$200 but what if the cert came back saying it was worth $5,000? Do…
    in Deceit! Comment by Becky A. July 30
  • Glad I checked back! Thank you both!
  • Thank you!!
  • Thanks! I’m super new to this. I’m selling off a collection my dad started 20 years ago and hasn’t touched since. Follow up question - is that the difference between numbers and numbers with a’s or b’s at the end? Is it always the perforation?
  • Thank you all! @Ron Lenke that was the dad-est dad joke ever!
  • Thank you all! These are very good tips for starting out and I definitely appreciate all of it ;-)
  • Hi, I'm back. I've listed only 4 items so far using the online resources from Troy. I couldnt find any recent information on a club near me unfortunately. Do you find that reasearching individual stamps takes a long time and is there a way to …
  • Thanks Rene - its a world collection and I was already doubtful it would be worth much. We're not that lucky. Will check out the videos. Any other advice?