henry hriczko

Hello Philetfam, I'm feeling much better now that my swollen colon and intestine infection has stopped jamming me up. Gotta eat new tasteless foods and NO Sugars, Breads Red Meat Dairy, WTF. REALLY... DAMMMITTTT. Not that bad, better than feeling like shit and pert near dying. So I'm going a little berserk and throwing it all up and out to sell my self silly. Okay, thats it Thanks


henry hriczko
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  • Hello Jeff, I like it, You are 100% right and if you are that makes perfect sense. The guy I'm thinking about was the first convicted counterfeiter caught and branded as such in the USA. The guy also was paid by the Gov to never counterfeit again. …
  • Hello , Im going to post a bunch of stamps in my store, please ignore or correct my errors. Or put your two cents in and make a fair offer and I will be more than happy to Stampzilla you a good deal discount for serious buyers. Thanks Henry
  • Hello to all and any who may spare some of their valuable time to help a brother in need. What I would like to know is why these Franklins are so off color? I'm a 5 year novice and it still boggles my old mind all the various intricacies of the phi…