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  • I've put my hip store on extended leave mode - so it is effectively gone. I assume I won't be charged any fees in this state. If they get Sync working again I'll return. But I have tons of stamps to list and I am not doing the double work to list th…
  • There is no useful sync now. The only piece working is deleting a stamp when it sells on eBay. None of my new listings come across. From the sound of the note, this might end up being permanent. My store will close this week if not fixed. There is…
  • With the new version of eBay sync that is working now I've been able to move the few dozen new stamps in to hip now. All 19th century goodies. Check it out. Some especially interesting fancy cancels, well-centered banknotes etc.
  • If you added items it eBay while sync wasn't working you can move them to hip by making a small modification. No need to end the listing and relist. Just make a small modification that seems to be enough to hip to pick it up and added it here.
  • As this continues it becomes less worthwhile to stay on hip. One big issue is that none of my new listings are coming across. Is there any manual export/import type function that I can use to copy listings from eBay manually?
  • It would be good to get an update from management on the status and progress on this issue.
  • Here's another vote for retro reveal. I struggled to determine the condition of a stamp - was it lightened cancel, or not? Then RR revealed the entire original cancel. It was quite ... revealing.
  • So there is some kind of process but it is much more low-key than at the EB. It seems that if the seller communication doesn't work, your only option is to cancel the sale. In my years on EB I've never had to actually cancel for non-payment. Someho…
  • Thanks fir the various comments. I will contact them. I guess I was expecting that there was some kind of process that happens when you mark a sale as unpaid. I guess there isn't. Not sure why they have a "resolution" option then. If they tell me a…
  • I'm looking for a general description of the resolution process - I searched through the help pages and there is nothing there. I can contact support, but I would prefer to use that if I have an actual problem. I'm just trying to learn how hip works.
  • It's eBay terminology - BIN means it is a "buy it now" sale - with or without the option to make an offer. On eBay sales are either auction or BIN.
  • I always show the backs of stamps. I use transparent Vario pages to hold my inventory so scanning the front and backs is really no extra effort - just flip and scan. That keeps handling of the stamps to a minimum as well.
  • Here is a link to my store: