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  • Hi All, I've been reading this forum with much interest and despair! As a Brit living in France, I too am considering stopping my sales to the uk. I found the following link on the uk vat website. I'm not sure it is completely relevant but thought …
  • https://www.hipstamp.com/store/the-stamp-cellar
  • Hello Paul, I'm not quite sure what I got wrong. Hopefully this link will work: https://www.hipstamp.com/store/the-stamp-cellar Thank-you for letting me know. James
  • Hi, If you click members' area, there is a "feedback" tab along the top. To leave feedback you then need to click "leave feedback" on the right-hand side. You can then select the items and leave feedback. Hope this helps. James
  • Hi All, Following the success of my September sale, I am extending it until the end of October. All items are 10% discount plus free postage on all orders of $25 or over. Thanks for reading, James https://www.hipstamp.com/store/thestampcellar
  • Hi All, I recently added some Cyprus MH* and France MNH** to my listings. All items are 10% discount until the end of September plus free postage on all orders of $25 or over. James https://www.hipstamp.com/store/thestampcellar
  • I have 3673 items on BidStart but HipStamp shows 3651. I know Mark said it can take a bit longer sometimes and I understand this, but some of the missing adverts were listed two weeks ago. James
  • Hi Michael, You're right, this isn't fixed yet. I think I was looking at adverts that I had put directly onto HS with two images. Must be getting old and confused! James
  • Hi All, I just noticed that I now have two images imported from BS to HS. Thank-you Mark, that was very quick and my adverts look a lot better now. James
  • Hi Douglas, Looks as if everything has been sorted out now. Looking at my own adverts I see the "add to cart" button is back. Great news, I think. James
  • Hi Mark, Thanks for the info. I keep most of my images so I will try adding extra pictures to some listings, it will be useful to learn how the site works. I am really excited by the new site and reading the forums I find it very refreshing to see…