Invest in iconic philatelic rarities, for as little as $100.

A new way to invest for Stamp Collectors.

Own fractional shares in the world’s most recognizable and valuable stamps - like the C3a Inverted Jenny, and enjoy returns previously only available to ultra high net worth collectors.

Our Current Offering

All securities on HipStamp Investments will be qualified by the SEC.

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Investments will only proceed if enough interest is expressed by January 31, 2020. Learn more.

Why Invest in Rare Stamps?

It's simple - the asset class represented by investment-grade stamps, has historically outperformed both the stock market and other alternative asset classes (including gold and real estate). However, traditionally these items have been reserved for a select few.

Now, with HipStamp Investments, it's our mission to open alternative investments like these stamps to collectors and investors like you. Each asset on HipStamp Investments is selected by our team of experts, acquired, insured and securely stored.

Interested in owning a piece of history?
Get started today, with shares starting around $100 each.

How Does it Work?

Step 1
We hand-pick and buy valuable, appreciating philatelics rarities.
Step 2
We split the assets into SEC-qualified shares, just like stocks, and make them available for investment.
Step 3
You buy and keep your shares, or sell them like stocks within our secondary marketplace (coming 2020).

Own Your Future

Diversify Your Investments
Alternative asset classes, like rare stamps, can provide a strong option for portfolio diversification. Invest using the same strategies as Billionaries.
Access Elite Opportunities
HipStamp Investments does all of the work for you. We source, verify and maintain storing the assets, so all you have to do is visit our website.
Have Fun and Make Money
Philatelic rarities were once unobtainable for most collectors. Now it's your chance to own a piece of history and watch the value increase too.

What People Are Saying

I've succesfully invested in the verticalization of marketplaces, and now I'm betting success on the verticalization of fractional share ownership with Hip eCommerce and HipStamp Investments. This is the future of alternative asset investments.
Fabrice Grinda
FJ Labs
I've had the chance to own wonderful philatelic rarities throughout the years, and now, with HipStamp Investments, every collector has the same chance to own a piece of history.
Mark Rosenberg
Hip eCommerce

Frequently Asked Questions

What am I investing in? Are these real securities?
When HipStamp Investments acquires an asset, we create a series of real securities that are regularted by the U.S Securities & Exchange Commission (the "SEC"), which in turn owns the asset. It's those real securities that you are acquiring when you invest with us. HipStamp Investments sources, stores, maintains and insures the assets on behalf of its shareholders.
In addition to holding my shares, can I sell them?
That's the plan! We are developing a secondary market (2020) where you can sell your shares during select trading days, which will generally be offered a few months after the initial offering of each asset. Assets may also be liquidated based upon demand and strong market conditions, in which case proceeds from the sales would be distributed to shareholders accordingly.
Okay, I reserved shares. What happens next?
When the offering closes, and only once it is registered with the SEC, we'll reach out to you to collect the money for your shares. We then work with a registered broker dealer to transfer your shares to you and update the offocial shareholder listing. We then enforce a lockup period (generally 90 days) where no buy or sell transactions can occur.
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