Your store for stamps. Started with my grandfather in 1961. Any item can be returned for a full refund of purchase price, no questions asked! Shipping within 24 hours of payment! email me at with any questions or call me 772-626-8902

Don Carlos Stamp and Coins (DonCStamps) is dedicated to the two men that taught me to love this hobby. It all started in Cuba in the 1940s when my grandfather Miguel Alvarez de la Noval, an accomplished military man, started his quest in the collecting world. An avid stamp collector started like we all do, assembling his stamp collection and developing his love to our hobby. In 1959 when the Cuban Revolution started, he was forced to leave it all behind including his stamps. With just the clothes on his back and barely escaping with his life, was able to leave Cuba hidden in the pantry of a Spanish cargo ship courtesy of the captain. To make a long story short, he ended up in Puerto Rico. There he revived his love for our hobby again and with the help of his friends in 1961, started the first philatelic store to exist in Puerto Rico, Don Carlos Stamps, where he established a long list of collector friends and a thriving business. Here is where I learned the love for stamps and coins. At about the age of 5, I started my first stock book with stamps that interested me, the usual kid loves like military, animals, vehicles etc. At the age of 6, I knew how to use a catalog and could reach the top of the counter at the store, so on the weekends I would spend time with him at the store and help with customers, look up stamps in the catalog, knew where every stock book was and was the store little helper, a memory that I will always remember and keep with me.


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