parkinlot Stamps & Collectibles

I have quite a variety of items for sale. All items are 100% guaranteed. I am a member of the American Philatelic Society, American First Day Cover Society, Great Britain Collectors Club, United States Stamp Society, Scandinavian Collectors Club.

I try not to make a profit on my Shipping & Handling.  I just want to cover my expenses.

I ship internationally,,,

Unfortunately due to major International Shipping changes as of January 2018 I have had to increase my international shipping charges. Prices went up by a factor of about 10. I have found an internet shipping company which discounts the rates by about 50%. So while my international prices have gone up, they are not as high as they could be. 

USPS REQUIRES CUSTOMS FORM 2976. We are not responsible for delays caused by customs or their fees. 

There will be no charge for additional items. 

Items larger and heavier have higher shipping charges and will be stated in the listing for both Domestic and International shipments.

Starting 6/4/2018, I will not be offering refunds if you did not read the shipping instructions. There are 2 reasons why. 1) Some buyers understood the shipping terms and wanted the items shipped right away. By checking with them, it delayed sending out their shipment. 2) I was losing money by cancelling the order and issuing refunds. PayPal does not refund the full amount when refunds are issued and I am not getting any of the fees back that I have to pay to HipStamp. 

 I am sorry that the Post Office raised its rates and that I have to take a hard line on this. I don’t want to force my customers to buy something they don’t want but one of the rules of HipStamp is to read the seller’s terms before bidding or purchasing. I also cannot break the USPS rules and just put the item in a regular envelope. This is my livelihood. I cannot take a chance and get caught.

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