Welcome to Ralphsroom. Stamps will be added on a regular basis so please check back often. Back + other scans upon request. Questions answered A.S.A.P. Happy Hunting - A.P.S.#204812

Returns: Items not matching description must be returned within 14 days. If a mistake was made a store credit will be given that includes your cost of returning the item or (if you prefer) a refund of your original purchase w/shipping cost. All other returns will receive a refund for original purchase price less shipping/paypal and listing fees.

I'm a fair and reasonable person and will try to solve any discrepancies equitably.

EXPERTIZING: An extension to 45 days of time for return will be given when requesting time to have a stamp expertized. The only qualifying expertizing services recognized are The Philatelic Foundation, The American Philatelic Societies Expertizing Service and Professional Stamp Experts(PSE). 

If a stamp is certified and returned as not genuine a purchase refund will be given, certificate cost and all postage costs associated with the application for certification and return of the stamp will be reimbursed.

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