Scandinavian Stamp Specialist

Specializing in stamps and postal history from Scandinavia and the Nordic countries, with an emphasis on older specialized material-- cancels, varieties, printings and more!

I have been a stamp collector since about age 6 or 7, so that means I have almost 50 years "experience." 

My primary collecting interests are the Scandinavian countries, and most of what I offer for sale on HipStamp are basically my duplicates from these areas. I have been selling here for many years, back from the days when this was first "StampWants" and later on "BidStart." I got my start trading stamps online at eBay-- I was one of the first 20,000 people on the site, which says a lot since they now have over 100 million users!

Anyway, you can expect a clear scan of ALL stamps-- no matter how cheap-- and an accurate description, usually with both Scott and Facit/AFA/NK numbers, depending on area. 

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