ImplementedSales Chart / Monthly Totals

For Sellers, from within the Members Area > Selling section, on the right hand side you can now select "Store Stats", which will display a chart of your sales for the last 30 days, as well well as the last year:

For example:



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  • Great Mark
  • Mark: Should prove very helpful to all sellers. It is set up very well to start and as you know there is always room for change. You must be working very hard!
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    This is awesome! Thanks Mark.

    Okay, I'm going to ask a really stupid question about the charts. What does "GMV" mean? It would help to understand what both lines are representing.
  • It is not a stupid question Luree.. I am clueless as to what it means. Hope your summer is going well.. did you see it got soo hot here Sky Harbour Airport temporarily closed.
  • Gross Merchandise Value

    We use the Sales Chart internally as well, and GMV makes more sense for the marketplace as a whole, but to avoid any confusion within the Members Area this should probably just be "Sales Value" (Items Sold is Number of Items Sold). We will update this soon.
  • Well that makes sense. Thanks again. I was thinking about all sorts of meanings!
  • We've updated the terminology to reflect "Sales Value".

    Also note if you hover over any dot in the chart you can see the exact values.
  • Looking good! Appreciate that it's available on HipPostcard too. Been browsing the data the last week or two. Just happened across it.
  • Very cool Mark!! Thanks!
  • Mark: As I have mentioned elsewhere I have decided to spend more time selling on Hip Stamps this year and it is certainly starting to pay off. July and August were up from previous months and so far Sept. has exceeded both July and August and this only the 14th. The Sales Chart with monthly totals is a great addition and helps the sellers to keep track of things.
    Good work and I know you are working hard to make this the best site to buy and sell on. I am going to work hard to make my future months even better than the previous months.
  • Mark: I think the sales charts are great as is but would have one suggestion for improvement in that I would like to see a 13 month chart instead of the current 12 month chart. Most financial annalists would like to see a comparison of year of year sales and for that you need a 13 month chart. I know that I can do that in Excel but would be nice if the HipStamp chart had that included. Mike
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