BEWARE!: I think I just got another suspicious email

I just received another email that I don't like the looks of. This time it appears to be an email through Hipstamp that says My offer on a "US 1866 Scott # 77 Used" has been declined. Of course, I've made no such offer on a stamp like this. The links in the email to the listing page do NOT point to a Hipstamp address, so I wouldn't recommend clicking on them.


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  • Just a thought for you guys at Hipstamp. If these kinds of emails are going to become a regular thing, could you give us something like a email address we could send these creepy emails to as an attachment or a forwarded email? Then, you'd have the actual email in hand to start doing your investigation with instead of us having to post a message on the boards. Although, if any of us do get these things, we should post a general message so everybody knows what's going around.
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    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Please forward the email you are referring to, to - which is the address you can use in such cases.

    We'll review the email in question. Note: In general, we do not provide members email addresses unless you've had a transaction with the other member.
  • Hi Michael,

    I took a quick look at your account and I don't believe there is any issue here. The item in question was one of your items, which a buyer made an offer to you, and which you countered. This was a few months ago, and the buyer just recently declined your counter offer - so the email you received should be one we sent to you.

    We're planning to update the Offer system (in the future) to automatically expire offers over 30 days old, to avoid any such confusion.
  • When I received a similar email, I just sent back a picture of my uncle whose face looks like an unmade bed....I haven't heard back since ;-)
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