Sorting Ability

It would be useful to be able to sort or filter feedback instead of having to click through hundreds of pages.


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  • Why is there a delay on this issue it's just a simple sorting feature which would make everyone's life easier.
  • Just thinking out loud - what would you sort or filter by ? Ebay for 20 years and with the various iterations of Hipstamp since almost the beginning and I've never thought of sorting feedback - I am obviously missing something here.
  • Say you want to buy a stamp from a new seller and read their unpopular feedback first before placing your order.
  • Gotcha - thank you and yes, I have used that when buying on ebay...
    The older you get the harder it is to remember .........

    thanks again
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    Andrew, just click on the number in parenthesis next to their name. This will bring up all their feedbacks. Then you can click on left for others, negative, good, neutral. Try it on me or Carol.

    Is that what you were trying to do?
  • It's easy to see the feedbacks, but if a seller or a buyer has say 6 negatives you can't isolate the different feedbacks. In the past I've gone back many pages looking for the negatives until I gave up. I'd also agree with Andrew that it ought to be simple to see all of the negatives or neutrals or positives for that matter individually, so the skeptic in me says that it's left that way purposefully for whatever reason.
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    Sorry . . .
  • Okay, I understand, you want only those categories to show instead of being all grouped together.
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