ShipSaver Insurance

Is there any possibility we can have ShipSaver insurance on HipStamp orders? All one needs is a USPS customs form tracking number. This is used by Ebay, and Etsy ,Shopify, Magento and Volusion currently.

Thank you,
Bob Burger


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  • I've used them on eBay, mostly for larger items like antique toys, and they've been great. Over the years, I've only had one claim for breakage (to and from a U.S. address) and they covered the claim quickly.
  • 1. Mark will not give us a way to insure.
    2. ShipSaver is US only ... this site is meant to be for international users too.
  • I can't speak to your #1, but as far as your #2 point goes, apparently they (ShipSaver) are working towards an international presence although no time frame is given.
  • Sounds good George. We used to be able to insure with the old bidStart.

    I guess there are very few large valued international sales here for MR not to fix this.
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