Missing Images From Ebay import

I have a largish collection for sale which I synced from ebay.


Ebay only seems to allow 12 images so as we always used to do I add images to the description.

Trouble is that HipStamp chops all that off. Is there a way to get them across please ?


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  • Hi Roger,

    Yes, if all of the images within the description start with the same URL, we can add this URL to our system, to pick up those images. I've checked this specific listing, and they all start with the same URL, so I've gone ahead and added this to our system. You should now see the listing images updated accordingly.

    It also looks like this item only ships to the UK. If you need help setting up additional shipping on the item, let us know.
  • Great, thanks a lot Mark :smile:

    I was only shipping to the UK as I thought the cost would be too much elsewhere. If I get any enquiries from overseas then I can always get a quote.

    Thanks again.
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