no sales

can anyone explain why I have not had a sale or view in the last 3 months.
is there something wrong with my membership?help,


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  • Cornel. Yes, I believe your store has been closed. Your listings do not show up. Contact management.
  • I think he had 2 stores and only his Collectors Corner is showing with 44 postings.
  • I have ordered from this seller on a number of occasions, always with happy results. It so happens that my most recent order (from March) never showed up. By the same token, an order I sent to Texas (for about the same value, coincidentally), also seems to have been lost. Them's the breaks.
    Cornel, I'm sorry you've had such a run of bad luck (losing much of your collection to a fire [or was it a flood?]) and wish you all the best.
    Incidentally, Cornel is relaed to the 19th-century Danish composer Franz Berwald.Berwald
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