Relist Canceled items

I just had to cancel an order due to non payment. Luckily there were only two items that I had to search out and repost. Is there a way for items in a canceled invoice to be automatically relisted? Luckily this is only the 3rd time I had to cancel an order, but one of them had many items and it took forever to relist them.


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  • Wayne

    Try keeping your sold items in your Closed/Sold list until they have been shipped. If you have to cancel a sale, you can go into the list and do a bulk relist. There may be other ways but this seems like a simple fix.
  • Thanks. I too was wondering
  • Good advise- i love that closed sold area- i don't do auctions so nothing goes there unless paid for. in the case of Sync issues - it actually is beneficial to keep it updated regularly by deleting all possible and keeping it empty :-) after shipping items.
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