Missing Mail Again

First it was international mail that I had issues with disappearing and I cut down on the countries I will sell and ship to.. In the past few months - I have started having a rash of missing shipments within the US. They are always small amounts in small envelopes. Has anyone else experienced an issue lately ? I know in the Atlanta area - there was a recent report about the outside post office blue boxes being vandalized. In fact my local post office closed theirs down for awhile. I have started to bring in all envelopes no matter how small inside the post office. That is the only way I know it made it safely at my end.. Any suggestions ? Thanks, Steve


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  • Report the missing letters to the Postal Inspectors. They won't do much for individual cases, but if they see that a lot of missing mail mailed addressed to "Mr X" for example they may start looking into things. Mailing from inside the Post Office should cut down on theft unless its a postal person that's doing the thieving ( and that has happened).
  • I always mail everything from inside the post office .. takes maybe two minutes longer than dropping it off in the blue box outside.
  • I do as Carol does. Take the stamps to the post office and take them to the inside mail slot.
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    Being disabled and walking with a cane - I had been using the drop off box - because if a handicap spot was not available - or any spot for that matter - it just made it easier. Now I will just have to make my trips at odd closed times - so I can park right by the front of the door. Now I will know for sure that everything is being mailed from inside and if I get a lost shipment again - that narrows down where the problem is.. For the lost shipments I am talking about small dollar amounts like $8.00 total for the stamps and shipping. - so I will just have to see what happens going forward. For much larger amounts - I go with priority mail and I usually pay the extra postage costs if the buyers are one of my regulars...
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    always go inside- you get a receipt-then you have proof of mailing and a record should you have to file a claim. Once the buyer receives his order you discard the receipt-makes sleeping at night a little easier as a small time dealer-
  • When you are shipping an envelope of stamps that total even less than the shipping cost - the post office will not provide any proof of mailing for a simple first class envelope. If there is something expensive I always go with the insurance.
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