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Is it against the site policy for sellers to post stamps without images?


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  • Dunno, but there's no way I would buy a stamp without one, even for low value stamps. That said, dealers who don't post images still seem to be doing quite well (given their feedback numbers).
  • It does not state in HipStamp's listing terms that a listing requires an image! I agree with George and would never purchase an item on HipStamp without an authentic image.

    Product Listing Policies
    When listing an item with us, you agree to the following:
    You will list items and post content in appropriate categories or areas.
    You cannot include links to outside websites where you can purchase items anywhere besides Hip eCommerce, or any personal website (including those which represent your business). This includes hyperlinks and text, images, etc. which instruct users to visit another website.
    You are not allowed to circumvent fees in any way.
    You will not cross-merchandise or cross-promote a product within a listing.
    Buyer's premiums and/or any other arbitrary percentages or fixed/variable fees are prohibited, unless otherwise exempted by Hip eCommerce via written consent.
    Shipping and Handling charges, including for additional items, are required to be specified using the options we provide.
    Shipping and Handling charges must be realistic, and are not allowed to be excessive. The amount you are looking to receive for an item must be reflected in the price of the item, and cannot be included within the shipping and handling charge of the item. This same policy applies towards multiple items won by a single buyer, in regards to combined shipping and handling. The definition of excessive is at our discretion, but can usually be obtained using good judgment.
    It is not permissible to instruct buyers that they must wait for a custom invoice before paying for a purchase.
    It is not permissible to instruct buyers that they must meet any minimum or maximum purchase requirements.
    When selecting an available method of payment, from the options we provide, any additional charges or requirements for using the indicated method of payment are prohibited (for example, indicating a buyer must pay an additional 30 cents if paying by PayPal).
    All listings and products must offer a specific physical item, a service, or a digitally delivered good. Listings or products that are blank, or that don't offer a specific physical item, service, or digitally delivered good, can be confusing for our users and may increase the risk of fraud.
    All information contained within a listing must be accurate, not misleading and relevant to the listing.
    Item titles may only contain information directly relevant to the item itself.
    Item titles should not include shipping information, promotional words, or words irrelevant to the actual item, such as Wow! Look!, etc. Additionally, excessive (or non-standard) use of capitalization of words and inappropriate use of punctuation and special characters is strictly prohibited (i.e., 'BEST BRITISH STAMP!!!', 'L@@K!!!', 'Germany #5 ◊ Used ◊ OG', etc.).
    Item titles cannot include private ids (also known as SKUs, or your own unique product identification numbers).
    By listing a product image, it is assumed that the image is of the exact item the buyer will receive. If the image is only meant to serve as an example, this must be explicitly and clearly stated at the top of the description.
    Product images can only feature the product directly associated with the item listing. Additionally, multiple quantity listings cannot be used to sell different items within one listing. For example, it is not permissible to display an image showing four different items, labeled A through D, and create a single listing, with a quantity of four. Nor is it permissible to create a listing, which displays an image of items labeled A through D, and indicate that only a specific item is being sold through the listing.
    Images can not contain any advertisements, promotional material, or watermarks.
    Images must be of reasonable quality, and reasonably cropped and orientated.
    Prices must be realistic, and are not allowed to be excessive. The definition of excessive is at our discretion, but usually only applies to items listed at several times their actual retail value.
    Numerical Grades (Stamps), and prices based on Numerical Grades (such as SMQ Values), can only be displayed if the item comes with a Graded Certificate from the PSE, PFC or APS.
    E-graded stamps should not be listed within the Graded stamp category
    Multiple listings for the same physical item are not allowed (ie: Duplicate listings are prohibited). If you have multiple physical copies of the same item, individual listings can be created, but only if each listing contains the actual image of each physical item. If you intend to use a stock image, instead use the 'Quantity' option when creating your listing to indicate the quantity you have available.
    The listing of replica stamps is not permitted on our Site. If we receive reports or identify listings that are replicas (whether they purport to be replica or legitimate), we reserve the right to suspend your account.
    The listing of copies or photos of original postcards is not permitted on our Site. If we receive reports or identify listings that are copies or photos of original postcards (whether they purport to be copies or legitimate), we reserve the right to suspend your account. Authorized reproductions of postcards may be allowed in certain circumstances, if easily identified as authorized reproductions, and with our express written permission.
    Listings for Pre-Sale items can only be made if the expected date of shipment to the buyer is within 30 days from when the listing ends. If a buyer purchases a pre-sale item and you are unable to ship the item within 30 days, you must offer the buyer a full refund (including shipping and any other costs).
    Any listing, which does not conform to the above policies, may be ended at any time. Fees will not be refunded on any listing that is ended due to listing policy violations. The above listing policies also apply to all forum posts, internal messages and other forms of communication (wherever applicable).
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