Communicating Downtime and Incident Reports

During downtime events (for example, yesterday), why not re-direct traffic to a static page that shows a crying emoji (used for the empty shopping cart) stating you're down for (estimated time.) Better yet, why not communicate on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or mass emailing at least Premium and/or Featured stores, or the top 50 stores, or what have you.
Surely with the monitoring that's in place, and some automation any web server error can be immediately handled to re-route to a standby server with some comms in place.

I see that there was an incident on 2/16 on Google Cloud Dataproc - but that doesn't necessarily explain the downtime yesterday:

Also, a new Forum Category (Incident Reports) that gives us a very brief summary of the issue and the length of downtime (some of this you may consider proprietary information - but at least 50000-ft level details would be appreciated.)

Without any communications, we are left to wonder when we'll be back online, if an infra disaster has happened, etc...


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