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My store only sells precancels. Many collectors only collect their home state, or a particular state. Someone asked about Nebraska precancels, so I tried to search "Nebraska" in my store but no listings were returned even though I know there are 124 of them.

Investigating further I found that the search function seems to only work for the Item Title and not the description. In this case I have "NE" in the Title and "Nebraska" in the description. This is to save space since the title has a character limitation. Here is an example:


Could Hipstamp enable search of the Descriptions? I bet many believe that they are searching there, but they really don't seem to be unless I'm wrong, which might be also.



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  • Hi Michael,
    I have on my title page for my store, that the best way to search my store is by using the Stae abbreviations: CA, VA, OR. But your right, a search should catch everything, not just the Title. And the ability to make catagories within our stores would be awesome.

  • Even Ebay doesn't have this feature - sure, they have a "search descriptions" checkbox but when you actually use it to search form lets say Vermont postcards using "Vermont" and "VT" you do not come up with what you expect , Try it - don't click the box, then click the box - it will drive you crazy.! No search is perfect - I always search both ways no matter what auction site I am on - many postcard dealers use both VT and Vermont in the title for this very reason....
  • Mike Chanquet said:

    "the best way to search my store is by using the Stae abbreviations: CA, VA, OR." There are exceptions. I've found that searching on state abbreviations such as OR and IN don't always work very well.

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    OK! for ME!
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