The Difference between Feedback and Contact Me

Why is it that online buyers don't contact the seller when they are concerned about a delay in getting their orders. Has the Internet soiled civility? Is there a market for a finishing school for online stamp shoppers? I am sure that the majority of sellers want to make sure their customers are satisfied with the total experience so they return to their stores. Do people understand that delays do occur and most of the time it is on their side, either the sorting centers or Customs that hold up delivery. Hipstamp should have some pop up before sending anything other than positive feedback telling the user to contact the other party first.


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  • I am an older (63) collector, and I must Agree with Harry! It seems that people these days are more concerned with their "FEELINGS & WANTS" than GOOD MANNERS! I know that with the Covid-19 concerns and the NEW Postmaster General(not a Fan by the Way!) changing so much of how the PO operates (NO O/T, Less Collections, Cutting Service in General) the Basic 3 day Service Standard has suffered. I used to receive orders from the East coast dealers in 3-4 days 100% of the time. NOW even delivery from Dealers in my home state of CA. is between 5-7 days and sometimes up to 10 days from Dealers in the East & South! I can only see things getting slower the closer we get to the Holiday Season!! Please this is not a Dealer problem, well not 100% in all cases and Complaining won't make it better!! DON"T Blame the Blameless and Have a little Patients and Some Manners!!!!
  • "The difference between feedback and contact me" - feedback is what you hear through the grapevine regarding your failed attempts to garner a favorable response from a recent date - contact me means she's interested, call her.
  • HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, Classic RON!!!!! YOU'RE KILLING ME SMALLS!!!!!!! ROFL!!!!! ouch, haha, hit the coffee table!
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