PlannedAllow sellers to make offers to buyer who are watching their items

Good day,

What about considering allowing the sellers to make offers to buyers who are watching specific items? All you need is to open the items eligible for offers to the sellers, you do not have to disclose the buyer's identity.

What do you think?


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  • This is something that we're looking to implement in the future - but we do not have a specific timeline at the moment.
  • I find that the Ebay "send watcher an offer" feature works very well and produces lots of sales there.

    It would be a good idea to have the same feature here on Hipstamp.
  • I like the idea. I have a list I am watching, much of which I would buy if they were cheaper.
  • As a seller I have the option of displaying the "offers accepted" button if I want to accept offers. I have actually in all the years here (since 2007 or so)_never looked at the number of watchers - way too busy.
  • Carol -- I've found (as a seller over at HipComic) that it is easy to see all the buyers who are 'WATCHING' your items, by going to 'Open Listings' in your Member Area and using your computer's 'FIND' function (usually 'command' F or in the drop-down EDIT menu) using the search term "Watchers".

    It will show how many Watchers you have on each page you search and highlight each one!
  • Thank you Dave may give that a try
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