Do you have a minimum price for stamps that you list for sale?

Without getting into anyone's "secret sauce", I'm curious if people are willing to share what their minimum listing price is for a stamp. For example, if you have low-value stamps in your store, do you list them for a percentage of the Scott minimum value (currently $0.25), or do you floor the price at a certain level? Will you list a stamp for a dime?

I will admit that I have stamps listed for $0.10 and lower. I use a fairly rigid pricing approach, and if I have a minimum value stamp that is hinged but is priced in Scott only as never hinged, I could end up under ten cents.

Not looking to judge anyone's choices ... we all have different circumstances, pricing models, and income requirements. I'm just curious how others have approached the bottom end of the sales curve.

Thanks for your willingness to share!

Rob Welander
Prairie Stamps


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  • Mine is 10 cents.
  • Mine is 8 cents and I get many orders for single stamps.
  • I used to have common stamps at 0,08 or 0,09...and didn't sell much. Till one day I noticed that what is common for me is not the case for a collector that needs a QEII, so gradually I tested common or low value stamps. And today, most of my 0,25 stamps are listed at 0,14/0,15 and the very common ones are at 0,12 and I sell them! Stamps that are with heavy cancellation marks are generally listed at 0,12 for 0,25. If the condition is so bad that its not worth 0,12 I throw them in the garbage...and even there I sometimes have surprises with stamps that I took a "chance".
  • All Scott minimum value stamps (25 Cents in their catalogs) I list at 5 Cents without faults, 3 Cents is there is a fault such as heavy cancellation, poor centering, etc. I sell many such stamps, with some orders for only one or two stamps priced at this level (my shipping charge is $1.25).

    I am not trying to make a living on what I am selling. Instead, I am just trying to liquidate a large accumulation. It is my hobby so it is intended to take up my free time and not to make a boatload of money.
  • I’m going to have to check you guys out. I routinely buy cheap stamps - usually buying at least a couple dozen.

    Jacques had one stamp that I wanted. I ended up buying 30 :)
  • Scott, before you look elsewhere, don't forget to check my new listings... :D
    Everyday I add new items if I'm not buried with orders, which is my priority to ship FAST!
  • OK - you should see a new order to process :)
  • That was fast! Some of these stamps were listed today. Your order is already half finished and tomorrow AM it will be on its way!

    Thanks for your support.
  • Selling is just a hobby for me, so I list many common items at a penny apiece.
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