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I just synced to hipstamp the few items I had listed on bidstart after reopening since SG went away. I am having a hard time trying to figure out how I can function with the way that private id search works. I have distinct private ids and use private ids to validate inventory and remove items no longer available. Search by private id requires an exact match rather than just a prefix. My private id is 'smart' in that it comprises of and my inventory is filed in that order. I could have the same cover with different cachets or stamp configurations with only the sequence changing and just seeing the picture is all I need to remove when sold or replace an image when sold and a duplicate exists. I am not able to search using just to see all of the covers with that prefix. Along the same lines when validating inventory, I compare physical items against listings and there is no way to get the listings in the same sequence as they are filed using prefix and sort capability. Anyone have this issue/solve this issue?


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    You can use a wildcard. For instance, search for prefix* and you can get all listings with private ID that start with "prefix".
  • Thanks, this sort of works for one of my items, not as good as bidstart. Bidstart doesn't need the * and when using just A and wildcard to balance the "a" cachetmakers, no rows are returned.
  • Is there a way to search by bidStart ID?
  • We'll update our search engine to support single letter wildcards, since it would be important in cases such as this. We'll also add "Private ID or External ID" to the listings and search page for sellers - so that you can search by Private ID or bidStart ID (or Ebay ID). We'll get to this within the next week.
  • Thanks. I noticed parts of my original message disappeared. The parts that are missing were included between less than and greater than signs.
  • David: I think the part of your message between the less than and greater than signs was interpreted by the code running this page as unrecognized html. Those signs are the protocol for html code, and that's how you invoke many html commands.
  • You can now search with wildcards for one letter. You can also now search by bidStart ID.
  • So the next step is SORT by bidStart ID, right?
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