From April 8 until April 25 - I am offering 50% OFF All of the items in my store.

There is one catch - you have to use the code FLASH to get this discount !

I a curious to see how many folks read these promo announcements. I will NOT be alerting any of my regular buyers in advance about this sale either. Basically this is a TEST !! Thanks, Steve



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  • I did..need Persian stock..
  • Well my test FAILED !!! I had 3 folks use the code to get a discount on some small sales. I had more sales from people not using the code the last few weeks. So that means to me that people reading these announcements on the discussion board and having to use a code to get a sale price - is not the best way to run a sale in the future. !!
  • Lee,
    I found 34 older persian stamps that were hinged on some pieces of paper. I am not sure if the are originals or reprints. I will try to look at the catalog to identify which ones they are. I will send you a message when I know more.. Steve
  • Steven - your "test" maybe really didn't fail - I only collect US but no BOB so I happen to have all stamps you have - maybe other collectors like me also looked but their favorite countries/stamps they wanted not there - I wouldn't write it off so easily ........steve culp
  • To echo what Steve C. said, I only collect US (and was one of the 3 that got the discount). You only had the one stamp that I needed. There could have been many more that looked but didn't see anything they need.
  • I ordered a few stamps from you, but that’s all I ever order from anyone. I’m not a huge stamp collector, just a small hobby of mine. I like to place lots of orders on HipStamp or order a few lots on eBay. It just gives me something to do when I get home. I don’t think it was a fail, 3 orders is better than 0 orders, it’s just that there isn’t any large community in the forum...
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