Hipstamp automatically closing item after minor edit

Today I edited a few items but each time HipStamp automatically "closed" the listing. ??? I've reached out to HipStamp but no response yet. I had to go to the "closed" listings and "relist" each item. Definitely a bug!!!!!!


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  • You are correct having same issue
  • HipStamp finally responded. I attempted to walk through it as follows:

    Click on EDIT
    Modify the buy it now price by one penny to $1.26
    Click on PROCEED
    Click on VIEW LISTING

    Hipstamp shows " This item is no longer available for sale. "

    BUT.... this time HipStamp didn't actually close the listing. Before it showed up in the closed listing section.

    It was either mysteriously fixed or the bug is still there. We will see.
  • Hi Michael! I have reached out to you directly and can confirm that this has already been resolved. Thank you again for bringing this to our attention. Have yourself a great day!
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