Link Ebay Item Specifics during sync

This feature applies to sellers who have items on Ebay synced to Hipstamp.

Currently there are 4 Item Specifics that Ebay required in the stamp categories (Certification, Place of Origin, Grade, and Quality). Those item specifics are not synced with Hipstamp during the sync or import process. It seems that since those 4 are required on ebay it would make sense to sync them to the appropriate fields in Hipstamp (Has a Certificate, Country, Centering, and Condition, respectively).

Currently if I have a stamp marked as Grade: VF and Quality: MNH on Ebay, when they are synced to Hipstamp the Centering and Condition are registered as 'Not Specified'. That means if someone is searching for that stamp and uses the MNH filter, they would not see the stamp synced from ebay. I believe those fields in Hipstamp will populate if the terms VF and MNH are in the title but ebay doesn't require those details in the titles, they require them in the Item Specifics.

It would be a more effective sync if the 4 required item specifics for the stamp categories on Ebay would actually populate the corresponding categories on Hipstamp.


Joe Picard
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