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One of the MAJOR problems is paypal doubled the amount per item from .05 to .10 as well as their base %
If you are a seller of low priced singles like I am, the paypal fee exceeds the price of the stamp
I sell anywhere from 1 to 300 single stamps at a time for .15. Do the math
THERE IS NO TECHNICAL REASON that hips cannot summarize an order to make it 1 lot of "stamps" when going to paypal for payment
You are at severe risk of losing a LOT of sellers (and their loyal buyers)
Stamporama does it


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  • Not sure what your talking about. PayPal charges a per transaction fee, not a per item fee. That went from 30 cents to 49 cents. HipStamp already combines single stamps into one order. I sell multiple stamps for 10 cents each, so your no different selling them at 15 cents each. If I sell 100 stamps, PayPal doesn't charge me $5.00 plus a % to process. They currently charge 30 cents plus a %.
  • Wouldn't it be possible to have a minimum value of purchase? I also sell a lot of stamps at 0,14/0,15 and I have lots of orders at 20+ items, but I do get some buyers ordering one 0,14 stamp... almost everyday. I don't mind new customers who place a minimal order to "test" me, I take it has an investment in future sales, but some are just a way of getting a newly issued stamp.
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    Yes, PayPal charges a fixed rate + percent per order - not per item. As a Seller, if you have an order with 1 item or 300 items, the fixed rate that PayPal charges is the same for the entire order ($0.49 now).
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    hmmm.... I read they raised it from .05 to .10. I assumed I wasn't seeing it in my account because I don't have a business account, just a personal one. I'll have to chase that down
    On a recent purchase, I'm seeing a fee of .34 on 53 items for 5.76 (with shipping (.99))

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