New listing form versus "Classic Listing" views

I would prefer not having to enter all new information when creating a listing.
I would prefer having the classic listing view when I try to "list similar"
The change has really slowed down my listing effort so I guess that I may stop creating any new listings until this issue has been reverted to the way that it has been for the last few years.
Ken W.


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  • This is too much trouble to list this way, I hope they put it back the way it was or I might have to find some other way to list.
  • and I don't know why they have to change the listing any way, if it is not broken........
  • I tried listing similar and it comes up with the new form, which is a piece of garbage, so I go to classic view it come up blank.
    What is going on?
    This does not compute and they better fix it ASAP.
  • I can not list anything.
    The listing form is all screwed up and it shows the new listing form, which is garbage,
    I see no way to list an auction.
    This is getting to be like eBay was with all of the changes all the time.
    I can not see if an item is an auction or store item and I can not see if I can schedule a listing.
    Who ever came up with this change SHOULD be fired.

  • I don't like this new format, actually it sucks. Takes twice as much time to list something, and time is precious to me as I am a one man band. Honestly are you trying to drive the little guy out of the market like E bay has done. I have had a great relationship with Hip stamps this is a real disappointment, I do do agree with all previous comments. DO THE RIGHT THING AND GO BACK TO THE WAY IT WAS!!!
  • This new listing format is awful. Whomever came up with this idea thinking it was better is grossly mistaken. If the the old way is not reinstated I will pull all my 26,000 listings and go to another site. THIS IS RIDICULOUS!!!!!!
  • I just clicked on the "NEED HELP" button that comes up on the bottom right corner of the old-style listing page and vented a bit. The HipStamp staff seem to respond fairly quickly when using that function.

    I agree with all the comments above.
  • Well I tried the new format to do an edit and it made a complete mess out of my listing.
    This whole set up is a piece of crap.
    Fix it NOW.
  • I can not edit anything.
    I click on the show classic view and it comes up blank with the create a listing form.
    The site is a complete shambles.
  • I agree with Bill on this, I stuffed up and entered my PID incorrectly on one item and cannot get back to correct it. Also tried to edit another item and just got a "Create Item" screen.
    Seems like "change for the sake of change!" It wasn't broken, why fix it?
    If it must be there please leave the old, now "Classic" option as the default. It's also a bit annoying to have the image holder fixed in landscape view while entering a new pic.
  • Let's not go the way of the Stanley Gibbons fiasco, please.
  • Hip Stamp is going down the tubes.
    The new form is junk and does not work properly.
    All of a sudden all of my titles have changed and when I go and try to edit an auction item the closing date changes.
    The people who are doing the coding must be rejects from eBay who do not know how to code.
    When you make a change to a program you have an alpha and a beta which includes testing in the sand box to make sure all things are working properly.
    This was not done even though this is a basic task that is taught in computer science 101.
    My 9 year old Grandson can code better than these idiots.
  • Doug,

  • I wrote a scathing review of this change on this discussion board post - late last night. This morining it is gone ?! Perhaps there was a system problem why it dropped my post but I feel like I have been censored. I am not going to repeat what I wrote because it mirrors what everyone else has been saying. I have one word for this horrendous ! Steve
  • I am glad to see all these comments. I agree the change that results in a blank “classic” listing form when ‘list similar” is selected is awful. Hipstamps needs to revert back to the listing system that is easy to use.
  • In the Canadian Air Force, we have a phrase:

    "If It Ain't Broke, DON'T Fix IT"!

    Someone here sure has never heard that phrase before!

    - FONT size is way too small for older eyes!

    - If you EDIT any listing, make sure that you VERIFY that if you do NOT accept returns, click the Radio Button to OFF! Or else it AUTO DEFAULTS to that you accept returns for the edited listing!

    I know that there are many other issues that I have seen, but have not written the issues down (yet).

    - Andrea has numerous issues of re-doing stamps more than 4 times, just to get it listed correctly! Too much wasted time for her. So Andrea is NO LONGER listing stamps until this is either resolved or returned to the way it was.

    Return to the way it was! ASAP (before you loose your seller base!).

    P.S. It would have been nice to share a heads up to your SELLERS that you had planned on screwing around with the format (eMails would have worked out most beautiful). FAIL.

    Michael & Andrea
  • Another issue that I see is that we are paying Premium Subscription Fees for our store and now we can't list items without big issues or taking forever to list one stamp. Where is the justification on this.
  • Michael & Andrea

    I agree with you the new page is awful and it is very hard to see.
    In the states we just call it a SNAFU.

    I am not listing anything until this is fixed and if it does not get fixed soon I am sure they will be loosing me and many more sellers.
  • It boils down to Programmers running amuck with no knowledge of what sellers do. I agree with every post. PLEASE TELL YOUR PROGRAMMERS TO GO TO HELL AND REVERT TO THE OLD SYSTEM
  • I just tried revise an item which now everyone knows its a VERY slow process and a total waste of time, but I noticed in the section showing the shipping charges, that in the transition from the old to the new form, the shipping charges are now showing an amount for one item and a different charge for ONE more, instead of what was previously showed. For instance $X for 75 single items plus an extra $XX for the next 75 items. Now its for one!
    Standard Shipping
    1,25 $ US and 0,85 $ US w/another item
    United States
    Standard Shipping
    1,85 $ US and 1,45 $ US w/another item
    Everywhere Else
    Standard Shipping
    3,35 $ US and 1,85 $ US w/another item

    This is crazy!
  • Like I said my grandson in elementary school can code better than these guys.
    The way it is set up it might have been made by a child because the whole set up is very child like.
  • I just went to a Gold Coast Jubilee set that I listed a few days ago and hit 'sell similar item.' I changed a few things since this is a different set, including adding a new scan, and hit 'list.'
    Now I have to go back and rewrite the description from the first listing and see if this crap programming will list it without affecting another listing.
    The hell with this. I'm going back to eBay until this nonsense is straightened out. I hope the programmer got paid for his "work." All they do is sit around and try to think up changes to make it look like they're worth their paychecks instead of leaving well enough alone. Why the hell don't they work on some of the suggestions made by sellers, many of which are valid requests, instead of phu**ing around with what already works? Idiots !!
  • Agree 100 per cent George. Certainly can't list anything but not sure i would go back to Ebay. Maybe just put the store on vacation for awhile and see if they come to their senses - I tried to list 2 things - one stuck and the other disappeared into a black hole....
  • Carol, I actually did wonder if we should exercise a mass protest by putting our stores on extended vacation until this nonsense is fixed or removed. Absolute foolishness and the people who did this ought to be on unemployment ASAP. Crazy, crazy, crazy!!
  • It appears to be the time to stop ANY new listings. I have not been able to edit the return item. It defaults and remains as yes even if you try to change it.
  • I just spent double the time listing a handful with the new format. Clearly, using the 'sell similar' option can't be trusted so I had to start each one from scratch (this after taking time to straighten out my Silver Jubilee listings that the system screwed up). Having to fill in my usual 'spiel' on each listing was a real pleasure (NOT). What a waste of time !
    I dunno Carol. I think I'll put up auctions on the bay for a while. Any that don't sell I'll put aside to list in my Hip store once this has all been straightened out. I'm not going to open up a store on eBay, just taking advantage of their 150/month free listings. With PayPal raising their fees which only affects here (and eBay's managed payments system being less expensive now), I see no reason not to re-test the waters over there.
  • Because George HIP never listens to the sellers. How long have the sellers asked to have block a bidder back? This new listing setup isthe worst idea they've had since i started on here in 2005.
    I have over 3000 new listings to post but they won't be posted here with that setup. Maybe a whole bunch of sellers should just go to another site to list. When it starts affecting their bottom line maybe they'll wise up.
    how about fixing the things that are wrong and not the things that work.
  • This new listing format is the absolute worst bunch of junk. Please, please fix this before you lose your dealers. Enough with this nonsense!
  • I just went back to check my listings. For a Gold Coast set Scott 148-159, the autofill put in 'ott148-Scott159.'
    For a Guyana set, Scott 20-23, the autofill put in '20 23' (no dash between the numbers).
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