Why change things if they work? I am sure there are many features which need attention

Sell similar option does not work under the Classic Sell Feature, Please restore this.


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  • Harry,

    This getting like eBay.
    They make changes without even asking and doing a Beta test.
    Listing similar takes you to the new page and the you click on the classic view it all comes up blank.
    The same thing happens when you try to edit an item.
    Hip Stamp is going down the tubes.
  • Bill,
    I hope you are wrong because I like this venue. Hopefully Mark will join in and ask a few sellers what should be done and not listen too much to the whomever is initiating these silly changes.
  • Harry,

    I hope so also but I am ticked off because all of my auction titles have changed for some reason.
    I can't edit them since I tried to do one and the closing time changed.

    It is a complete mess.
  • Bill,
    Sorry to hear this, that really sounds horrible. Hope they fix it for you.
  • Harry,
    I hope so to. I am afraid to list anything now so they are losing money.
  • I tried to list some things as well and it was too tedious so I stopped.
  • After I messed up a few I find it to be faster... especially if you are replicating and modifying from a template. One page is way more convenient than going throught 4 pages. Would be nice to have a best offer min/max as a percentage.... Also would be nice to have an edit button just in case you hit save and then realize that you made a mistake. Would also nice to have a button which would take you directly back to listings.

    Just some initial impressions.


    ps a beta test would have been nice.
  • I am having problems, as well. Please fix this problem.
  • I think I need to take back with what I said about the new listing change format. After working with it for a couple of hours and getting used to it, it may prove to be a faster method of getting things listed. It just takes time to get into it, but once you do it seems to get easier to deal with.
  • Now there is a problem with Listed items not showing up or showing up and then disappearing.
  • If its going to stay like the "new version" I tasted this AM. I wanted to relist a sold item with the same pic since it was Mint stamp..What a WASTE of time!
    Then I wanted to edit a item, again why make it simple when you can make things more complicated. If its going to stay like that, I will certainly just let things go, because with 29,000 items listed and orders pouring in, I just can't cope with this nonsense.
  • Yes the new form is an absolute waste of time AND time is money.
  • Not a happy camper. This just may make me move to my own online site.
  • Any one going to the APS show in Chicago next week make sure you stop by the HipStamp booth and make sure you tell them about this piece of crap they are foisting on to all of the sellers.

    Another thing anyone can do is leave a comment on U-tube where they interview Rosenberg.
  • Good day from HipStamp!

    Based on feedback we received from many of our Sellers, earlier this summer we updated our experience to list items on our marketplace. Our goal was to provide a streamlined process that reduced the time it takes to list an item. On average, we are now seeing that Sellers are able to list items 2x to 3x faster than they were able to previously - which was the goal of this update.

    Even with the improvements to the sell your item experience, there is still room to make selling on Hip even easier while exceeding your expectations. For that, we ask that you send feedback via email to support@hipecommerce.com with the title “Sell Your Item feedback”. Your feedback is a direct driver of our product development process and we place a high value on that feedback.

    In the meantime, the team is actively working on image reordering, improving listing similar item functionality, and several other improvements and fixes within the selling workflow. Through your direct feedback, we will continue to enhance the listing experience on Hip.

    We value your feedback and look forward to working together to make Hip’s listing experience the best it can be.
  • can somebody translate the above?
  • Ron,

    It is complete garbage.
    Like I have said before they are turning into eBay.

    It looks like I am going to have to move over to eBid with my philatelic items also and close my store on HipStamp.
  • Ron - it means that moving to SG and back again where we lost so many features was just the beginning. This time will apparently be the same. I cannot figure out how to list things properly and there is no point in listing things with errors. In NY we already have to listen to our governor lie, now apparently we have to listen to it here.

    They must think we are idiots. I have survived nicely doing business since 1985 - I will survive this - just have to totally change direction.

    One good thing is I think I will just get rid of my postcard shop - had great plans but it will be a lot easier just to make a dozen large lots and haul them off to the auction house.
  • Totally agree with most comments. This new format takes a lot longer to list a store item. What happened to the old feature whereby the program read the catalog number and other information in the description and filled in the same information down to the next section. I have to re-enter the same information a second time. Why is that better?
  • it takes a big man to admit these changes were mistake. I hope Mark is a big man.
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    Yes I hope Mark will acknowledge that this whole change was a big mistake because the company is loosing a lot of money now and it will be even more in the future.
    I and many others are not listing anything anymore until this is fixed.
    I usually have a few auctions sell every day so he is loosing out there.
    If this does not got fixed soon many of us will be moving on to another venue.
  • I doubt that Mark is even aware of what has happened.

    He started this site up from scratch, only to apparently get bored with the whole process and sell it off to SG. When he took it back and I started listing here again, I wondered how long it would be before he got bored with the whole process and wandered off to chase something else again. I think I now have my answer.
  • Just tried out the new format, and listed a couple store items, and realized after a couple listings, when I click on list similar, that the program dropped information on shipping internationally. They only show that I ship to the US. Now I have to go back and edit each one separately. These programmers should work on fixing the categories errors before trying to fix something that isn't broken.
  • eBay used to be a great site to sell on.
    I started in 1999 and was doing that as a part time gig.
    I was a Silver Power seller which meant I was selling at least 10K a month.
    Then new people came in and thought they could make it better, well they ended up screwing the whole thing up.
    My sales slowly started dropping, it became harder to list so I had to use a listing service.
    So my costs went up as my sales went down and soon they started dropping drastically to the point where I had to quit paying the high costs of selling on eBay so I quit.
    I do not need this junk that is going on here, I am just trying to get rid of my 50+ years of accumulation so my wife and my sons do not have to worry about what to do with it after I pass on.
  • The whole kicker is that when you went to edit something it was basically the same as a listing form but on a single page.
    Very simple to just make a listing form from that and add a tag at the bottom to take you to the final summary page.
    These people are really stupid.
  • ...
    On average, we are now seeing that Sellers are able to list items 2x to 3x faster than they were able to previously - which was the goal of this update.

    Who the heck are you trying to fool around here? Get a life Dude! I sent you an email when this all started, and your response was nothing short of LIP SERVICE! (Not ONE issue was resolved) And now this... Com 'On Man! We're not uneducated idiots here.

    2x to 3x faster... LOL! Ya, Right!
  • Kindly delete this post along with my previous post above here, as I wish not to create anymore hardship than needed. I am so done with these posts.

    I do understand that sure there is great pressure involved here, but one does not need to outright lie to sugar coat the situation. Just work on correcting the failures created for all, please.

    Thank you.
  • Michael, you didn't ask for my opinion, but your 12:40am post strikes me as a perfectly valid expression of righteous indignation and is right on the money. Let it stand.
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    and talking about righteous indignation.....my coffee cup lid doesn't always seal well, creating an unpleasant result ( and no one is about to help me with a scalded crotch)
  • Down we go trough the rabbit hole... This people have nothing to do, but still have to justify their jobs...
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