How do I ? and Why?

How do I change item specifics on the new form? They used to auto fill on the classic form. Are we now required to change the type of stamp, look up the year of issue and whatever else used to fill in automatically for each listing?

The Classic listing is now a blank pallet and requires start from scratch listing even when selecting "list similar". Totally unusable.

I will have to wait and see if there is something I am missing or wait until we are provided with a usable tool to load.items for sale.
Did anyone think that perhaps some directions might be in order or are us old timers who are barely computer literate to begin with supposed to learn through osmosis?

Very disappointed in a roll out that leaves me realistically totally unable to list.items. . .hopefully I can get some answers and get back to listing on one form or the other


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  • When you edit an auction the the times get changed and if you switch to the classic version it is all blank.
    If you want to list similar and change to the classic it is all blank.
    A totally useless piece of crap.
    This better get fixed ASAP or I will have to take other measures since I am paying for a store that is absolutely useless.
  • Gee, no need to threaten ASAP. He takes enough grief with a name like that
  • Perhaps someone could answer my (hopefully) simple question ??

    "How do I change item specifics on the new form? They used to auto fill on the classic form. Are we now required to change the type of stamp, look up the year of issue and whatever else used to fill in automatically for each listing?"
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    I just listed several items, with mixed results. Under the Item Specifics heading it is apparently necessary to change anything (Carol: click on edit) that is not identical to the previous entry. This is a nuisance compared with the classic system, which would automatically detect such things as the Scott number, used vs unused, etc. On the other hand, having all the elements on a single page, as opposed to four pages, with a separate one for shipping, etc., is an improvement.

    I'm still encountering some glitches. Made one entry, which never showed up on my listings page, but does show up under search when I search by ID#. I tried to make another entry, and it overwrote the previous one, giving it the same ID number.

    Really the most annoying thing is the high-handedness of this change. They just did it without telling anybody it was coming and without offering any instruction. That's just inexcusable.
  • Doug,
    Yes it is completely inexcusable.
    They are operating just like eBay and I left them this year, after 22 years, because of that ( also because of MP ).
    I might have to leave from here also if this is not fixed.
    I have a very large room full of stamps that I need to sell but I can not list anything because of the crappy new page.
  • Why can't we stick to the topic with FACTS.

    When we used to "list similar" the following items were automatically generated by the system based on our title.

    Cat number
    Type of stamp
    Year of issue

    All of the above info was automatically generated just by pushing the "enter" button once

    Now we have to enter all 5 bits of information (which would include looking up the year of issue for each stamp - not me). Hipstamp has that information - why suddenly do they not want to share it,.

    We are being bombed back into the Stone Age - next we will have to enter data using a Vic20.... PLEASE-PLEASE
    PLEASE don't ruin this site.

  • And to add to Carol above note, now with the "improved" version you have to upload a new scan because the old one is gone!
    And check your shipping info, you may have a BIG surprise!
  • Now I see what Carol is talking about. When I first looked at this last night - I was not even paying attention to these values. When I used List Similar - I knew they would all be updated by the system - now I tried one and it just leaves the information that was there from the original stamp. That is a real mess. I would have to empty out all of those fields and leave them blank - but that destroys the search capabilities of the buyers. Obviously none of this was properly tested before it went live. Last night when I looked at this - I was too tired to put my reading glasses on - the fonts are so small - I would need to get some magnifying glasses instead !! Steve
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    Realistically the only way I could list in a timely fashion is to delete all the item specifics - what were they thinking. Have any of the programmers ever listed an item .
    Why are you taking away a good thing (automatically generating the answers rather than turning us into simple scribes - looking up dates , making sure that we transpose the numbers correctly.... come on folks.. this is worse than the SG debacle. And PLEASE make the print larger -
  • That exactly is the main issue, Carol! Those who are doing the background work around here are NOT in the business of collecting stamps! They should have taken the rudimental route and chosen the "Sandbox" way of initiating these changes!

    HipStamp should have chosen like 100 Sellers and 500 Buyers and let them go wild in the background to isolate these issues that are popping up all over!

    I'm sure I know exactly where these "Programmers" are coming from! When I worked in the Middle East, I witnessed how people would pay $100.00US and in the backroom of a Coles Book Store, Certificates were printed out one after the other of Highly Educated People (I will not disclose their Nationalities), who were educated not higher than an 8th grader!~ Within the hour, they had credentials of Technical Colleges, or Universities in their State (or Province) where they lived close to! It is just amazing how this happens all over!

    NOW, I am NOT suggesting that our programmers here have taken the same steps that I witnessed, but they sure are not at the TOP of their fields! Simple organizational skills are clearly lacking here.

    AND YES...PLEASE MAKE THE PRINT SIZE LARGER!!! (Sometimes you just need to scream in order to be heard!).

    Michael & Andrea
  • Any one going to the APS show in Chicago next week make sure you stop by the HipStamp booth and make sure you tell them about this piece of crap they are foisting on to all of the sellers.

    Another thing anyone can do is leave a comment on U-tube where they interview Rosenberg.
  • "How do I ? and Why?" Probably the most reflective and profound forum title in a long time
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