Simple Symbol Question

I'm almost embarrassed to ask but what does the symbol of a circle with a dot in it's center mean. I see it used often and have no clue. Thanks. John Hixson


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  • This indicates a stamp that is 'used.'
  • Thanks, George.
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    It is a good question John, absolutly NO reason whatsoever to feel embarrased!! For the many new & novice collectors here .... The symbols are Universally used & accepted.
    When I first got involved with the hobby the symbols were in use everywhere.. much less so now.
    (**) = Mint Never Hinged (*) = Mint Hinged & your question, the dot in the circle (o) = Used.
  • Thanks for your kind words, Dan. I'm not hardly what you would call a new or novice collector except perhaps in the knowledge department. I'm 84 years old and have been collecting all my life but pretty much on my own. There's lots I don't know but I'm still willing to ask. The symbols were no doubt much in use when I got involved with the hobby back in the 40's too, but if I ever knew what they meant I've long since forgotten. Thanks again to all for this forum.
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