The Problem Im having with my feedback is that I am getting pages of "Positive Feedback Automatically Left After 45 days ". Now I have to hunt for a genuine feedback. Looking at endless pages of " Positive Feedback Automatically Left After 45 days" does not help me or the buyer. If this is something that Hipstamp feels it's important, then place those type of Feedback at the tail end of the individual feedback list.


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  • No news is good news, I guess.
    I new to hipstamp, but on that other site,
    I don't leave a lot of feedback.
    I was raised in a strict household, that didn't give praise just for doing your job.

    What I like about this site is the "received" button.
    I like being able to let a seller know I've gotten the stamp.
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    I am not worried about the positive or negative feedback, I learned a long time ago that you can’t please everybody, but in the comments I sometimes get feedback on how I can improve my services and thats important, at least to me.
  • On the bright side you get to see what is bought and sold which previously if feedback was ignored by both parties was invisible. But yeah nobody likes auto feedback it’s supposed to increase the numbers all around.
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