2 other problems

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Now that the auction/fixed problem has been fixed, I wish to present 2 items that would make it simpler and faster to me. The first is, when you click the "List & Create a Similar Irem", why does the new page open at the very top rather than at the top of the "Photo" field? Takes time to get the page in a clean position to enter the new scan. The other item is the "Item Specifications), Year field. Much of the time this field does not fill in and requires the seller to move the page back down to see it there is a year shown, and then to complete that field. Also, many times the year shown is not right. It would be better to leave that field blank and for the system simply default go that field after completing the title line.


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  • I noted the "year" field problem when they first changed the format. Truthfully, I could care less about this field. I beleive that buyers only care about the Scott# when searching - the year was a nice to have but I do not even look at what is filled in when I am listing new items. Sometimes it is correct, sometimes it is not and and many times it is just blank. It is like the game show To Tell The Truth will the correct year please fill in ! This may have been going on with the old listing format but I just never noticed it as much as now.. Might as well just drop the field altogether in my opinion.. Steve
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