Bulk relisting of auctions

What would be nice is to be able to relist auctions in bulk with a set time space between the listings so they do not start and end at the same time.
It would be a simple fix it in the relisting form.


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  • If you relist auctions in Bulk from the Members Area and set a start time, they'll automatically end 1 minute apart.
  • Mark,

    The problem is that I do auctions at longer intervals than a minute usually 5 to 10.
    It would be very helpful to be able to do that in bulk.
  • It would be nice to have a option to set it for 1-15 Minutes apart! Then again I don't use bulk Listing only bulk edit & it takes me 15-45 minutes between Listings to just set them up for pictures the rest takes less then 5 minutes! Perhaps I should do what some on ebay do just take pictures of a pile of stamps or boxes filled and say you get these or a pile from what you see just to save loads of time!
  • Personally I like the 1 minute interval. I generally prefer to bid on stamps from the same seller to save on shipping which I factor into my bids. This gives you adequate time to make last minute bids on multiple items. I might have the patience to wait 5 minutes, if I liked the material, but 10 minutes would turn me off and I probably wouldn't bother making any bids.
  • John, I understand where you are coming from but you can always go to the sellers store to bid on their items and many times 1 minute is not enough time to get all your bids in especially when you sell covers or lots like I do. You want to be able to inspect all of the photos. For most single stamps a short time would not be much of a problem but on higher priced items you would want to inspect it completely.
    I price my items as to what they should bring from my 20+ years experience on eBay and if an item does not sell I lower the price and relist it.
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