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Can any one tell me where they put the "View My Store" icon. I only thought they had a mess before. WHY make change for change sake, only to make it worse.


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  • AGREE. Where is the icon to "View My Store"???
  • They just moved it. Click on "Menu" at the upper right of the screen. It's there.
  • i guess the question is why make things harder to find on this site. Even to get into the forums now you have to scroll to the bottom of the page. How can anyone actually think this was a great idea. Evidently the moran programmers at. Hip. Then again they don'i have to use it.
  • WHY is this becoming more of a mess and not less. Anyone know of an alternative?
  • The View My store was the first thing I noticed was missing and I just could not even bother to look at anything else. I was just getting use to the new listing format and now this on top of that. I am not very happy right now !
  • You haven't seen anything yet. I've been revising items I sold, and now when I type in the search field I have to type the whole country name up to the last letter, for instance I typed G, got Germany guinea etc but I dad to type every letter of Great Britain. But that's the first part! I made my correction pressed on Save Listing.... Nothing! No message, no nothing. So I had to go back to Search, type again the whole name, got to my item. Great it was there! But I noticed the quantity was not right (its hidden away all the way down the page) changed it pressed on Save Listing! Bingo! I got the previous page I worked in Germany! The good thing, is that it will be difficult to make things worse...
  • Further to my previous note. After writing on the Forum, went back to my reviewing items and another great improvement! After pressing Save Listing I didn't see if my item was OK but I was teleported to the Forum page I had left previously.
  • My grandson who is 9 years old can code better then the idiots that work here.
    I don't know where they came from but if they were working for me they would now be out of a job.

    Just plain idiots!!!!
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