Make me an offer

With the new Hipstamps - a number of my listings have lost the MAKE ME AN OFFER option.

Some do have it, but a number do not.

What happened?



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  • This is completely ridiculous! After reading above comment I went back to review an item and when I clicked the "Save listing" I get bumped back here! This site is really getting out of control! Don't they test whatever they are trying to do?
  • Back in the day when you were going to do an update you had an alpha version which you tested in the sand box before coming out with your Beta where you had a few people test in the real world. If there were no problems you then put it out for the general public.
    I have been getting little pop ups for 2 days now to update a page and hopefully it does not mess up what I was working on.
    These people have no clue.
  • I added some new lots tonight on Ebay (with a make me an offer option). WHen they moved over to hipstamps, this option did not show up.

    In the old hipstamps, it was working.

    This is a pain!!!
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