Ability to communicate with a potential buyer who has made an offer.

Recently, I received an offer to buy a lot that was discovered to no longer exist in my inventory. So after deleting the listing, I wanted to decline the offer and explain why. There is currently no way to communicate with the person for a Offer Decline option because there are 3 buttons: Accept, Counter Offer or Decline the Offer. With the Counter Offer choice, there is a dialogue box provided to communicate with the person. I believe it would be the appropriate approach to be able to advise the person why his/her offer was declined in some cases. Request a "narrative" box be added to the Decline Offer choice for use if desired.


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  • Send them a counter offer of $1,000,000 and then you can add a message. :)
  • I agree that any kind of response to an offer should allow communication. I find it very frustrating that I can't add any wording at all to counter offers/declines to explain why.
  • This has happened to me before and they have typically been lowball, unserious offers. I did just receive a reasonable offer on an item from someone in "Avon". But since I can't tell if this customer is in Avon, Colorado or Avon, New York or Avon, United Kingdom, and I do not currently ship internationally, I sent an email to HS support asking how to deal with this. It actually would be nice, at very least, to be able to tell if the offerer's shipping address is one that we do ship to. Not really sure how the system would allow an offer from someone to whom the seller does not ship either. Anyway, we shall see shall we?
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    This recently was an issue with me also.. Apparently, this is not being considered as a fix/upgrade. I would not think it would be that difficult to add a text box that would allow for some type of communication. The only way currently to contact a buyer in this situation is with a previous unrelated order. This is so counterintuitive and will not work if you haven't had the buyer as a previous customer.
  • As a customer, I actually agree on one level and not on another. I can contact any dealer I care to just by asking a "question " about any item offered. Dealers should have every right to contact me, even if I have not been a customer previously. But, that would also open me to communications that I do not want nor care to respond to. I get enough of those already, and frankly, I have never been as anxious to buy an item as any dealer has been to sell it.
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